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Hello there ,

I am an eighteen year old, pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication.

Giving voice to the unheard and canvas to the unseen are my favourite past-time. Being an amateur closet writer, I find immense comfort in words, old letters, literature, surrealism and the colour blue!

Some of my works have also been featured in this beautiful anthology, take a look ― DARK ANIMALS : YOUNG POETS’ ANTHOLOGY

Feel free to send in a word, if you want to ask me anything, suggest or simply want to talk. I’ll be happy to help !

Take care ! 💙

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dear and Divine …….

    Welcome on my Wisdom Blog and thank your for reading and inspiring me with your appreciations.

    I have just gone through some of your posts which are nice and inspiring and will love to visit your value for time Blog more often .

    Love all.

    ram H singhal


    1. SAUDADE says:

      Thank you very much ! I feel truly humbled to receive such kind words from you. 🙏🌸


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