Bucket List .

Before I die I want to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( an “All The Bright Places” reference, bucket list. )

1. Be content with the way I lived my life.

2. Stop worrying. RELAX.

3. Become more social. (Maybe?)

4. Stop being so emotionally attached to people. Good or bad.

5. OPEN UP. Trust people. ( I’m very reserved, tbh. ;_; )

6. Stop bottling up my thoughts inside myself.

7. Stop crying to sleep. ( my teddy/ also my pillow seem to hate me now. )

8. Cry silent tears while swimming .

9. Own a national certificate in swimming.

10. Paint a self portrait.

11. Gift my mum and dad their portrait on their anniversary .

12. Love people. Genuinely.

13. Post anonymous letters to people. ( and not get caught like Lara Jean )

14. Adopt pets. Yeah, adopt.

15. Free caged birds.

16. Get over my fear of dogs *whoops*

17. Reminiscence old memories at a bonfire.

18. Stop being an introvert. And start interacting more with the outer world.

19. Own a dog. Yeah, I loveee them now. ( a labrador or a golden retriever. )

20. Bring flowers for mum everytime I go out and see her smile.

21. Be a pro at horseback riding.

22. Learn more about Indian and Greek Classics . ( they’re so interesting and scientifically deep!! Oh my gawd.)

23. Breathe deeply and cry my heart out under a moonlit night , all alone.

24. Have all Colleen Hoover’s , Virginia Wolf and John Green’s books *sighs* ( life goals for now.)

25. Dance in snow and make snowmans .

26. Swim deep into a sea/ ocean . 

27. Read a book near ocean/sea.

28. Go scuba diving.

29. Paint my room Blue or Black. ( Had a somewhat sea blue/green painted wall in grade 4 , but that doesn’t count? )

30. Doodle over my favourite guitar.

31. Own a Polaroid camera. ( a pastel blue one )

32. Click pictures of the sea water changing colours.

33. Run on an empty beachside , barefoot with my dog. 

34. Learn to love myself.

35. Sing and dance to the oceans.

36. Sit and paint pictures on a seashore .

37. Go to a Lana del Rey / cigarettes after sex / One Direction concert!!!

38. Go fishing with my dad.

39. Be at a book signing. ( Yes! Pleasee! )

40. Go for a vacation with my friends. ( cliché alert!)

41. Write my favourite book quotes on my wall.

42. Become a well known sketch artist.

43. Become a writer ( non amateur one???)

44. Start a real blog and post most of my writeups (yo confidence, where ju @)

45. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it takes (?¿)

46. Go to a drive-in movie with my better half. *ahem* *ahem*

47. Send a message in a bottle across the other side of the sea.

48. Learn to say ‘NO’.

49. Be the person I’m meant to be and let that be enough.

50. Stop pretending I’m okay when I’m not.

51. Disappear for a day or so maybe?

52. Learn atleast one foreign language ( perhaps, greek? )

52. Run a trithalon.

53. Sing to an audience. (Karaoke doesn’t count.)

54. Build a blanket fort with my sister.

55. Make art after a long hiatus.

56. Own a pair of black doc martens and complete my vintage looks.

57. Go to a Coldplay concert!

58. Rescue a puppy. (YAY he’s happy, safe and all grown up now! :’] )

59. Sleep on a beach at night.

60. Backpack across Europe.

61. Look out of my window on a rainy day and play 80s R&B rock on full volume.

62. Walk in rain

63. Write a novel.

64. Walk over a frozen lake. ( I’M SO HAPPY I DIDN’T SLIP AND DIE.:’] )

65. Write to strangers.

67. Visit a pen-friend.

68. Own a bookstore for a week.

69. Be happy. And make others happy too.

70. Snowboard/ ice-skate .

71. Learn to be stronger.

72. Go cliff-jumping.

73. Paint my feelings out clearly on a canvas.

74. Make my mum and dad proud.

75. Be worthy enough as a writer someday, to be able to write a book on a martyr (wanted it to be on top of the list though.)


* list shall be updated soon*

( Hecc. This seems like a pretty long bucket list. ;_; )