tears of the silenced.

Wavering across the timeless thread,
each day.
I wonder what made life
treat me this way.

That at the mild age
 of just twelve
 It let him annihilate
 my soul off

“Was is it all my fault?”
I often ask myself.
I was merely a kid
Unaware of the world,
And the blotches it had.

Yet, every night,
As I shut my eyes
I feel his hankering soul,
Quenching its thirst,
on my life.

His callous fingers,
Piercing deep,
through the fresh flesh
of mine.

His crooked lips,
at my plightful cries.

Waking me up each time,
Breathless yet determined
to disguise, this pain
into my biggest fight.

So that he can watch me,
as I stand here, tonight.
Stronger than ever,
Ready to push him down
his grave, upright.

Like the bamboo to his storms,

‘Unbreakable. And. Brave’.
I am,
‘Kali’ to his demons,
Fearless and full of rage.


To each and every woman out there ,

who has been a victim of such loathsome acts .

It wasn’t your fault , it will never be

( Art by Kathleen Lolley)

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  1. Volpone24 says:

    Felt quite real. I hope you rise so far that, even he can’t reach you and you don’t even have to look at him

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      1. Volpone24 says:


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  2. Flexible as the bamboo, ah, yes! A grand characteristic to embrace. ❤️🦋🌀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SAUDADE says:

      Haha, yes!

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