( A book review )

In a polarised world, Bhaavna Arora’s fourth book is a biography that offers a touching and a courageous portrait of a 22 year old Lt Ummer Fayaz of Kashmir who laid down his life ,working to heal divisions , protecting his people and the nation.

In this tumultuous corner of the world where much is wrong and much needs to be done, the Indian Armed Forces have always stood for it’s people as an epitome of patriotism, courage and selfless service above all.

This book is biography cum real-life story of an extraordinary 22 year old courageous young officer whose gut-churning death while he was on leave to attend a wedding in the family by a few armed militants in Kashmir shook the nation in a veritable despair and shame.

One among the many people of Kashmir , Lt Ummer Fayaz was a an epitome of patriotism, selflessness and liveliness who joined the Indian Army despite all the chaotic and life threatening challenges it posed to him and his family. He strived hard to make Kashmir the ‘Heaven on Earth’ poets in the past centuries wrote about and galvanise the fellow Kashmiris to move beyond the the cycle of violence that unrest in state had forced them into.

When terrorists kidnapped Lt Ummer on 9th May 2017 and asked for information on army operations, he looked death in the face but refused to reveal any information. The cowardice of terrorists was evident when they beat Ummer black and blue and yet Ummer stood by his men, his training , his insituation and his MOTHERLAND.

He chose death over being disloyal to his nation. And showed the world what a soldier is made of!

The unfortune death of a young boy with such high aspirations for his valley, stars in his eyes and remarkable courage and enthusiasm in all his acts at the prime of his life is not just an inhumane act of terrorism but also a reminder that the problem of Kashmir concerns us all and to solve it is our collective responsibility.

This book is not only a book about this brave man who chose death over being disloyal to his nation but also a book about one of the finest institutions of our country ‘Army’. It’s a book about the people of Kashmir. It’s a book about the family who lost their son/brother and everything. It’s a book about our real heroes. It’s a book that will fill you with pride and at the same time take you on roller coster ride of emotions with small peeks of humour ,silent cries and deep thoughts.

Bhaavna Arora’s deeply researched and authentic account of Lt Ummer’s life also gives an insight of the facts of Kashmir , it’s existing state, perception of the people of Kashmir, kids , their aspirations, living standards of the locals amidst such chaos and difficulty , and of brave army men serving there despite all odds and life threatening challenges.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the author ,Bhaavna Arora to pen down such a brave story of a real life hero Lt Ummer Fayaz. This book quite literally leaves you breathless and your soul stirred at many phases and points.

I would highly recommend this book to all those who believe in the idea of strong, powerful and a just world. ‘UNDAUNTED’ is a book that will fill you with pride and even more respect for the nation and men in uniform who give their today for our tomorrow.

Do try and send your reviews 🙂


Book review by : Vaishnavi Parihar.


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  1. Volpone24 says:

    A lovely review to a seemingly lovely book. Well done, kiddo!

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    1. SAUDADE says:

      Hehe, thank you ! 💙

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      1. Volpone24 says:

        P.S.- my comment cannot end without a heart for you! 🙂

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      2. SAUDADE says:


        Always looking up for your comments. They always inspire me to do better. 🌸

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