You pen down all those demons

swirling inside your brain ,

anonymously scribble your dingy pain.

You spill out ink off your sinking heart,

Blot pages with your profound scars.

And, without anyone knowing you try to escape,

By giving your emotions a fictional name.

Quite easy it seems, right?

You spend nights struggling insomnia,

Often writing long love letters (which are never sent) to people filled with paronomasia.

And I always wonder why under your blog’s fiction section you often confess,

your profound love and it’s deepest regrets?

While, at the same time the rest of us?

We often develop notions as though a writer has its own perks.


And you sigh knowing, regardless of however flattering and easy it may seem it’s tenacious.

Yet with all vehemence and determination,

You poetically provide

your pain as a platter

to serve us

a platform to heal

from all the shatter

You lurk your damping blues

behind the freshly cut greens,

only to help us bloom lillies.

You bleed out ink from your bursting veins,

to provide shelters to our pain.

You cry,

You lurk,

You succumb,

under the dungeons of your pain.

Yet, you try

You try to help us bridle the same.

(Illustration by zelyphia)

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